New roads on average generate around 20% more traffic, known as Induced Traffic. The Department for Transport acknowledges this as fact. Steve Morris, former Conservative Minister for Transport has recently said: "Experience tells us that road building won’t solve the problems this country faces. Now is the time for brave and creative decision-making, not a return to road building policies that were tried and failed in the 1990s.”

The proposed road is not the full SEMMMS scheme, the link to the M60 and the Poynton Bypass has no funding and is not likely to receive any. Traffic modelling from previous consultations is now entirely redundant.

Congestion in South East Manchester occurs North / South and not East / West. This road is being proposed as a solution to a completely different problem.

The new road will stop at the A6 in Hazel Grove which is already a congested single carriageway in an area of Air Quality Management. Stockport Council wants to open up a route to the Airport from outside our region, from Derbyshire and beyond. This extra traffic has to go somewhere. When it meets the A6 it can only turn left or right so instead of bypassing Hazel Grove, it makes its problems far worse. Current traffic predictions show an increase in traffic levels on the A6 in High Lane and surrounding roads by between 23% and 30%, and on the already busy A34 by 34%.

Without a Poynton Bypass, this road will generate increased volumes of traffic through Poynton as cars access the road via the new junction on Chester Road.

At a recent Council Strategy meeting to discuss public transport on the new road, bus companies made it clear that they were reluctant to have bus stops away from areas where people lived. They preferred the traditional bus routes in Stockport which are near centres of population with frequent stops, and consequently generate more revenue for the bus companies.

PAULA has repeatedly requested updated traffic modelling for the new road but, to date Stockport Council have failed to provide it.

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