The Cost

The publicised figure is £290 million.

£165 million is expected (but not yet confirmed) to come from Central Government, with contributions from Manchester Airport, Stockport Council and the Greater Manchester Transport Fund. This still leaves a gaping hole of around £89 million. This money simply does not exist and is being “borrowed” from future business rates which Stockport Council estimates will be forthcoming once the economy picks up and the proposed Airport Enterprise Zone is developed. This is called the ‘Earnback’ Scheme and is being piloted in Manchester.

Developments along the route, such as infill housing and retail and business parks, are other ways in which the Council can raise funds. This, of course, adds to the congestion and the vicious cycle continues.

What happens if they guess incorrectly and the economy doesn’t improve quickly enough? You, the taxpayer, will pick up the bill. In other words, this road is likely to put us in considerable debt for a very long time to come.

At a time when vital frontline services in health, childcare, care of the elderly, refuse collection and public transport are all being severely cut, do we truthfully believe that £300 million is best spent on a road that so far no one has actually proven is needed or can deliver promises of economic growth? PAULA has requested evidence that this road will produce 5,000 local jobs but so far none has been forthcoming.

PAULA is currently investigating a claim from a source close to the project that costs have already risen to around £400 million. When we have proof we will post it on this site.

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