Poynton Bypass / M60 Link


These roads are not going to be built.

Cheshire East Council has been under enormous pressure from Stockport Council to agree to allow this road to destroy a huge tract of local greenbelt. They have only recently and reluctantly agreed on the promise of support from Stockport Council to build the Poynton/Woodford Bypass.

The Department for Transport has confirmed that there is NO funding for a Poynton Bypass. Stockport Council doesn’t even have enough money to complete the current proposed section without resorting to the risky ‘Earnback’ Scheme (See COSTS).

The only possibility is that the developers of the BAE site may provide some of the money IF ENOUGH houses are allowed to be built south of the site within Poynton’s boundary.

Large volumes of additional houses will put intolerable strain on Poynton’s schools, doctors’ surgeries, dentists and village parking. The traffic on London Road would still be busier than ever and our greenbelt destroyed in the process.

The section linking the A6 to the M60 is an astronomically expensive stretch of road, given that a large section of it involves tunnelling through the Goyt Valley. The prospect of this phase of the scheme being built in our lifetime is virtually non-existent, leaving us with another white elephant of a road that creates more problems than it solves.

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