Why will the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road be Disastrous for Poynton and Surrounding Areas?

Infill Development

The proposed route cuts through a significant stretch of greenbelt which is specifically positioned to prevent urban sprawl from Greater Manchester in to Cheshire East and protects our area’s unique character. Building this road will render much of the land either side unsuitable for farming and farmers are likely to sell awkward parcels of land to developers for housing, retail parks and commercial development.

This “infill” will result in our precious countryside being swallowed up and destroyed forever. Because the Councils do not have enough money to build the road, this gives them a way of financing the scheme – through future business rates, levies and council taxes (See COSTS).

The SEMMMS official site was until very recently advertising a telephone number for any interested developers wishing to buy land along the route.

We only need to look to the A34 for confirmation that this will happen.

Open Cast Mining

In 1993 a planning application was made to establish an open cast mine at Towers Farm, Poynton which was adjacent to the then MAELR (Manchester Airport Eastern Link Road, now SEMMMS). This application was eventually turned down on the basis that, without the construction of the road, there was insufficient infrastructure to allow the wagons to remove the huge tons of earth and coal.

In 2011 Andrew Stunnel, Hazel Grove MP spoke out against a private members bill - the Planning (Opencast Mining Separation Zones) Bill - which sought to extend separation between residential properties and open cast mining to a distance of 500 metres.

This bill has now lapsed which means that an open cast mine can come as close to your property as the developers like. Barriers to the renewal of the application to start open cast mining in Poynton are being removed. The pollution, noise, heavy traffic and devastating effect on wildlife could be an alarmingly real possibility.

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