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STOP PRESS - STOP PRESS. The agenda for the SMBC Executive, Tuesday, 1st October, 2013, 6.00 pm has just been published. Meeting venue: Conference Room 1 - Fred Perry House The following items are included in the agenda: Minutes: Declarations of Interest. Exclusion of the Public and the Public Interest Test. Public Question Time. Key Decisions: Adult and Young Carers Strategy (ACS1). Medium Term Financial Plan - Update Report (CCCS6). Council Tax Support and Discount Scheme (CCCS7). Developing a Strategic Approach to Managing Advertising on and Adjacent to the Highway and in Car Parks (EDR14). Grand Central / Stockport Exchange (EDR16). Applications to establish Woodford Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area (EDR19). Proposed Charging Levels for the provision of Development Management Pre-application advice (EDR21). A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road - Phase Two Consultation Final Report (Non-Key). A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road - planning application (EDR18). Appointment of a contractor for the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road (EDR24). Future protection of SEMMMS Relief Road Alignment (EDR25). General Items: Manchester Airport City Enterprise Zone: Proposed Governance Arrangements And Land Assembly. Decisions of the AGMA Executive Board and Greater Manchester Combined Authority held on 30 August 2013. Nominations for the Mayoralty 2014/15. To consider recommendations of Scrutiny Committees.

Monday 27th May 2013 - Poynton/Hazel Grove Last Walk on the Wild Side before the woodlands are felled for the A555. Organised by PAULA. Start from Brookside Garden Centre at 2pm for a 4 mile liesurely walk (some stiles). Visit ' Ancient Woodland' protected areas equivalent to tropical rain forest. Circular route finishing off at the Garden Centre cafes (two to choose from!) . Click here for further information.

STOP PRESS - STOP PRESS. Concerned Governers and Parents of children at Queensgate Primary School met with SMBC/SEMMMS Tuesday 19/2/13 to question the proximity and polluting effects of the proposed relief road. See blog page or go to here for further information.

For recent developments go to the 'blog' page, which will be updated regularly with the latest information. The most recent articles include .......

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Response to submission by PAULA from A6MARR Project team - added 30/9/13.

How new roads induce and cause more traffic - added 30/9/13.

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SEMMMS CONSULTATION (A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road) - Queensgate Primary School, Bramhall - added 19/2/13

A folly in the making A response to SEMMMS from CPRE Lancashire, the Campaign for Better Transport and North West Transport Roundtable - added 7/2/13

Peak car theory explained - added 7/2/13

SEMMMS traffic predictions - added 6/2/13

Professors urge smarter transport planning - added 29/1/13

Greater Manchesters third Local Transport Plan and SEMMMS - added 29/1/13

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Infill alert - added 21/1/13

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The future of mobility - added 21/1/13

Manchester Air Pollution results - added 21/1/13

Minister for Climate Change backs new road in own constituency - added 21/1/13

Can car sharing eliminate city jams - added 21/1/13

The Campaign to Protect Rural England - their view on the current road building plans - added 21/1/13

Dual carriageway paves way for Manchester Airport expansion - Kim Barrett from campaign group PAULA explains why you should join her in opposing the A6 to Manchester Airport Link Road - added 10/1/13

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