The impact of this road will be devastating.

The section that runs through Cheshire East is entirely through greenbelt land. In order to build on greenbelt land, an extraordinary case has to be proven and we are still waiting for concrete evidence from Stockport Council that this road will significantly improve the lives of people in South East Manchester and East Cheshire.

Ancient woodland, which has legal protection, will be destroyed by this road at the end of Old Mill Lane. This woodland is home to trees up to 400 years old.

The proposed dual carriageway links the Airport to the A6 which is already an area under Air Quality Management. When a dual carriageway meets a single carriageway, congestion is inevitable and carbon emissions will be increased.

The route of the road between Macclesfield Road and the oil terminal cuts across flood plain. This presents the engineers with a dilemma: do they sink the road into cuttings to minimise the blight on the landscape but incur costly and complex drainage costs or do they raise the road up on ugly bunds? Either way, the delicate biodiversity of the area will be dramatically and adversely affected and flood risk to property could be a real threat.

Light, air and noise pollution will affect the surrounding area and a large percentage of Poynton, High Lane and Bramhall residents, not just the few houses directly along the route.

Several schools are sited very close to the route: Queensgate Primary School is only metres away from it. Would you like your child to be inhaling diesel fumes several hours per day?



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